Mobiba Festival 2019

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce II international active life MOBIBA Summer Festival

Where: Republic of Belarus, Vileyka water system.

Coordinates: 54.449739, 27.169341

When: 18-23 of June, 2019.

We provide to our participants a completely new format of active rest! Family leisure, sightseeng, water competitions, tent and bath camp Mobiba and much more.

We also have pre-booking option and 3 excursion packages,1 kid’s camp — „Forest camp“ (it’s will be organized close to festival place).

The information for international participants for visiting Belarus without visa:

Visa-free entry to Belarus is valid from June 10 to July 10, 2019. For visa-free entry, you must comply with the following conditions:
1. Valid ID / Passport
2. Ticket for the European Games in Minsk 2019
3. Valid medical insurance (you can arrange it in Belarus)
4. 20 Euro per day during stay Visa free travel is valid for all border crossings.
For the period of validity of the visa-free regime, all roads in Belarus are free. For foreign guests who will travel from Russia to Belarus and who has tickets of European Games 2019 in Minsk, a Russian visa is not required.

Festival Program:


—  VAST camping area, pine forest, sandy beach

— WOODEN tents

— Drinking water

— Playground for kids, Volleyball Court, Outdoor gym

— Fishing

— WC, Shower cabins.

1st day:

— Check in, camps installation, greetings

— Sports and entertainment program (volleyball, football, swimming, disco).

2nd day:
— Lasertag game

— Master-class of professional steaming in sauna from European champion’s team

— Sports and entertainment program (volleyball, football, swimming, mobile sauna, disco).

3rd day:
— Sports and entertainment program (volleyball, football, kayaking, swimming).
— Tour to the historical Palace and castle complex «Nesvizh» — the residence of Radzivill family. COMPLEX was built in XVI-XVIII century
— Master-class of professional steaming in sauna from European champion’s team

-Evening entertainment program.

4th day:
— Visiting of unique Belarusian-ethnographic complex «Zabrodye»
— Intellectual quest «Sherlock Holmes»
— Competition «The Best MobiMan of the Year» in different nomination

-Evening entertainment program.

5th day:
— Water sport competition: kayaks, SUP
— Visiting of final Judo Contest within the 2nd European Games, Big Minsk CITY tour and historical place — Stalin line
— Presentation of new products from “Mobiba”

-Fireworks, BONFIRE «Friendship».

6th day (SUNDAY):

— Removing the camp.

Children under 12 years — free.

Extra services (optional):

  • accommodation in hotel
  • fuel (wood, RUF)
  • snacks, drinks, etc.
  • lasertag game
  • quest «Sherlock Holmes»
  • tour Packages (excursions and tickets)
  • transfers
  • tents, sleeping bags, travel mats rental.

If you need any additional information, please contact us: PR@LRG.BY

See you at the festival! Follow our news. Questions and comments are welcome.

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